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Our Products
On this page we'll list all of the Dillard Crume product we have to offer at this time.

Please check in often because we'll update thia page with any new  product that we may have - (CDs. Cassettes, Tee-Shirts, Videos, etc).


1. God's Heaven
2. Don't Put Off Today
3. I'm Praying
4. Stand By Me Father
5. They Crucified Him
6. It's Me
7. Daniel's Plea
8. Raise Your Hands
9. Meeting Over Yonder
This CD has a little something for everyone. Traditional gospel (first four tunes), a little Southern (It's Me), and contemporary (Raise Your Hands and Meeting Over Yonder).
$12.00 each, plus S&H

A good mixture of Soul and Christian music

Listen to our music here

Dillard Crume
  1. Forgive Me Brother
  2. Farther Along
  3. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  4. Meeting Over Yonder
  5. In My Stead
  6. I Love To Talk About
  7. Joshua
  8. I'm Glad He's Right Here By My Side
  9. Such As I Have
  10. Jordan River
$12.00 each, plus S&H

We think you'll really like this one too
Something for every one who loves Christian music

A Soothing CD

He's More Than Enough To Meet All My Needs
'A forey into Southern Gospel'

  1. He's More Than Enough To Meet All My Needs
  2. A City Called Heaven
  3. I'll See You In The Rapture
  4. When Dreams Become Reality
  5. If You Love Jesus, Raise Your Hands
  6. It's Me (standing in the need of prayer)
  7. Daniel In The Lions Den
  8. The Lighthouse
  9. Comming To Carry Me Home
  10. Almost Home
$12.00 each, plus S&H

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